LS One Integration Package for SAP goes live in Dalaman

A few days ago, the “LS One Integration Package for SAP” for the PORESY LS One POS system went live at the Dalaman airport, Turkey. For the first time, the module went into operation in January 2018 at Hamburg Airport, where it created the basis for harmonized and integrated omnichannel processes with the introduction of a new digital infrastructure.

The “LS One Integration Package for SAP” integrates seamlessly into the existing SAP retail architecture, ensuring consistent sales prices as well as uniform shopping cart values across all sales channels. And it offers the opportunity to introduce new price rule types with little effort, which take effect almost immediately across all sales channels.

A few months ago at Dalaman airport, the PORESY LS One cash register was opened in the arrival and departure shops. Now the “LS One Integration Package for SAP” has been added and proves the international application spectrum of the solution.

Most of the specialists at PORESY realized the integration of the SAP OPP module (Omnichannel Promotion Pricing Module) on site and in the company headquarters in Istanbul. Of course, this also included the consideration of legal requirements and partly complex local requirements. Individual adaptation to fiscal and local requirements is one of PORESY’s core competencies in international projects.

And even after the start, the PORESY team continues to support all processes relating to the point-of-sale in the customer’s interest with its 24/7 service.

“The wide range of possible uses of LS One to the special requirements of the Duty Free trade and the high integration into the customer ERP systems inspires our customers. “We are very pleased about the launch of the Integration Package in Turkey,” says PORESY CEO Sascha Voelz.

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