TOSHIBA Pro-X Hybrid Kiosk.

It is understandable that your customers do not want to waste any time at the checkout and meanwhile like to cash out quickly themselves. Not infrequently, they need support in the various processes at the beginning. If the cashier‘s staff can then help with questions immediatly or even take over the checkout process, that would be optimal.

The new Pro-X Hybrid Kiosk offers the best of both worlds – self-checkout and classic checkout – and takes flexibility to a new level. It is a compact self-checkout kiosk that can be rotated by 180 degrees, so that the cashiers in the store can help customers immediately.
A compact and ideal solution that can be integrated into any retailer.

Tip: TCx800 and T10 models that have already been purchased can also be retrofitted; please feel free to contact us.

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