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All-in-One Systems – Style checkout

All-in-one POS systems combine the monitor and central processing unit in one housing, eliminating the hassle of cables and making the cash register compact.

As a retailer, you are aware that you must provide your customers with a consistent and differentiated brand experience throughout the entire shopping process in order to be sustainable. In no other place is this as important as in the store where most of the transactions are still taking place.

Toshiba’s and HP’s all-in-one systems, which we use, offer a variety of options to create a modern store environment with visually appealing POS systems. The functional spectrum ranges from the i-Button reader, MSR, fingerprint reader to the keypad, line display and backside customer monitor.

Provide your customers with a modern and versatile all-in-one system an impressive and stylish experience. So the checkout becomes a brand experience.

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