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For a solution that is to be used simultaneously in many countries, the consideration and short-term implementation of special requirements is one of the main requirements. It is important to make the POS systems tamper-proof and to adapt them to national laws and regulations.

The goal of all regulations and laws is always the same: Transactions should be fully traceable and protected against manipulation.

The implementations in the individual countries are as varied as the countries themselves: they range from special hardware requirements, to certification systems for entire POS systems or parts thereof, to the registration of funds with the relevant authorities.

The many years of experience and know-how of PORESY play an important role in this important topic. Because our solutions have approvals in many countries with statutory fiscal requirements for the cash register systems. And the adjustments to specifications from other countries can be implemented quickly.

The high level of standardization throughout the process ensures that all country-specific fiscal requirements can be met. Special interfaces, for example for receipt printing or data archiving, allow a quick implementation and integration of fiscal regulations. This applies to both hardware and software-related requirements.

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