Petrol Stations.

One cashier for many applications.

A gas station is more than just that. Often a modern gas station offers a simultaneous gastronomy, a complete retail and other offers and becomes the one stop shop for the customer.

And of course, the customer expects that he can pay at a checkout, no matter if fuel, a burger from the restaurant or a magazine from the shop.

But the requirements of petrol station operators have also increased. After all, they have to face the complexity of a modern gas station. These include different price structures by mineral oil and geographic region, the need for security mechanisms, and the integration of POS systems with dispensers and the back-office – just to name a few.

Gas stations and gas station operators often use multiple software solutions to manage the different parts of their business – one for retail management, one for food, and one for the gas station. Creating, managing and running different IT systems is time consuming and expensive. In addition, there is a constant risk that integration issues between different applications will generate inconsistent financial data.

We understand your requirements and find solutions.

We offer:


Professional software solutions (LS One Forecourt) with extensive standard functions and self-developed additional functions.


Anytime adjustment of prices, carried out by the backend. Petrol stations can thus make unmanned price changes.


Support different payment methods. Post-pay, pre-pay and fixed price.


Full control: The POS system has full control of the dispensers. The cashier has the option of authorizing, pausing, stopping, blocking and releasing the refueling process.


Link to Hardware Module or All in One System

Complex becomes easy.

Cash registers for petrol stations

Make your daily business easier.

Our solutions consider all aspects of your business processes in a powerful, flexible solution. You save time and money. And you always keep track of your POS terminals.

Create detailed sales reports, decide on your strategy with up-to-date and accurate information, and monitor the entire value chain.

Rely on our tried-and-tested cash register solutions for filling stations.

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