Less stress, better service.

Gastronomy is a tough business. When customers enter a restaurant, they expect an excellent offer, top service and attractive prices – and even more “specials” and promotions.

Caterers must be able to offer their guests everything they desire to build loyalty and regularity.

But this perfect supply of customers is anything but easy. From staffing tables to managing the kitchen, where the right dishes must come out in the right order and in a timely manner, from billing to cost control and overview, the restaurant business is extremely complex.

How to manage the organizational and back-office tasks while still offering guests the excellent experiences that make them satisfied regulars?

Focus on the guests

We offer:


Get faster orders with an easy-to-use and intuitive touchscreen interface


Colored marking of tables indicate their status (free, guests set, items sent to kitchen printers)


Invoice form, bill sharing, hospitality vouchers and different VAT rates (in house, out of home) are no longer a problem

Cut costs, increase margins

Catering Solutions

The guest is king.

With our solutions you have a variety of evaluations available: employee reports on sales, hours worked and the like, detailed sales reports by day, month, quarter, year and free (action) periods.

Articles are sent to different printers (for example kitchen, pantry) and a table mask with freely configurable arrangement and colored coding by status (free, guests set, order sent to the kitchen …) facilitates the optimal organization of the guest room.

Also, guests who spontaneously implement requests for split bills or staff changes during operation will no longer disturb you and your employees.

Rely on our proven cash register solutions for the catering industry.

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