Systematic Integration

PORESY always offers you functional and innovative solutions based on standard products, tailored to your individual needs. We are an SAP partner and have many years of experience in connecting to central SAP systems. As standard, we deliver a POS system integrated in SAP that delivers all relevant data both inbound and outbound. Due to the standardized processing of IDOCS the smooth communication within the entire POS solution can take place.

In a co-innovation project with SAP, we developed the SAP Omnichannel Promotion Pricing Module (OPP) for the LS One POS system. It first went live in January 2018 at Hamburg Airport and meets several challenges. Because the large number of pricing tools used in retail often leads to price inconsistencies in the various sales channels. Promotional offers and rules are incomplete and can only be implemented and maintained with great effort.

The OPP module integrates seamlessly with the existing SAP retail architecture, ensuring correct and consistent sales prices as well as consistent shopping cart values ​​across all sales channels. This offers the possibility of introducing new price rule types with little implementation effort, which then take effect almost immediately.

Integration Package OPP

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