Adapted to your needs

You have the tasks – we have the solutions! We offer a variety of standard POS solutions that are tailored to your needs. We work closely with the technological market leaders:

It does not matter if it’s a complex solution with a store goods business or just a cash register. PORESY has it and adapts it to your individual needs. All POS solutions are “out of the box” and are available promptly. We will help you with the entire rollout and our multilingual userhelpdesk is ready 24/7.

Multichannel, mobility and branch management

Buyers act spontaneously and unpredictably. Multichannel is the current topic for retailers.

Connection to ERP systems

The connection to leading ERP systems is one of our core competencies, for example Microsoft Dynamics AX, Navision or SAP. The smooth communication between your POS system and the ERP is the basis for trouble-free business. The combination of these two components is fundamental, so that the entire system can work properly.

Digital Signature

The use of the Signature Pad creates numerous advantages in terms of process optimization. The electronic document archive replaces the printing and filing of transaction documents, which speeds up your business processes and significantly reduces both economic and environmental costs. Another advantage is the increased security standards, as the loss of transaction documents is eliminated and the risk of default is minimized.

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